Home is where your head is drawing

Staying  indoors all day

Most people in the “industrialized world” ¬†spend more than 90% of their time indoor, either at home in front of the screens, or at work in front of other screens, computer controlled machines or at board meetings.

In a reality like this, nature is something we look out at, from our protected observation-point inside, away from it all, in save 2D distance.

This is a bit of a sampling between “you are what you think” and “home is where your heart is”.

Drawing of a businessman like creature with a house as head

Home is where your head is

Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt, HikingArtist.com

Illustration Keywords: indoorsman, Architect, house, head, business person, building, urban, design, focus, expert, urbanity, flowers, home, identity