house with goblins by Frits Ahlefeldt

Forest house, the tomtars have arrived


Round house in the forest

Forest house color sketch

Sketch color, little dwelling in the woods


House in forest sketch

Sketching nature houses

Drawing of a man dressed like a butterfly, with his luggage

The Butterfly man

Street sketch

Drawing of a sketch Elsinore

Sketching at the North Coast trail

Note from my North Coast trail project

Sketch of fallen trees out to sea

Storm trees – walking note

Walking the North Coast Trail, Denmark

Penguin on an iceberg, with fish and turtle, ink drawing

Penguin on an iceberg

One of those days

Sketch watercolor of little girl

Link: 3 min. video Guy being good

Compassion makes us so much more

Watercolor sketch of a group of men in Copenhagen, in the rain

Shadows in a closed Copenhagen

Crowd seeking shelter from the rain, Copenhagen watercolor

HikingArtist sketch of the Waterboxx

Note: Planting trees in deserts with Waterboxx

Note, sketch and video about Waterboxx, system to fight desertification by planting trees

drawing of a community building

Community house sketch

Architecture going underground Sketch for a community dwelling Wouldn’t it be great if we could make designs that combined thrive...

Drawing of African woman dancing

Note on: Microbanking, it is not about the money

Link to video: Make the world dance

drawing of man with a west

Cityscape sketches Copenhagen

Street sketches from Norrebro, a not yet trendy part of Copenhagen

Watercolor of stones put on top of each other

Stone towers land art watercolor

Sometimes people work together through time to repair and continue beautiful land art projects along the hiking trails.

drawing of a man in huge bushes of rhododendrons

Found myself lost in rhododendrons illustration

Nothing quite like wandering around in huge bushes of Rhododendrons while thinking

Moleskine sketch, Bornholm, Denmark, Hiking

Moleskine sketchbook – Hiking Bornholm Coast-trail, Denmark

A handfull of sketches from a 5 days hike to an island in the Baltic Sea

Watercolor Sketches, heading for the ferry

Watercolor sketches of people - Moleskine sketches

Watercolor of beach and sea, Denmark

Watercolors Hike along the NorthCoast-trail

A few watercolors from a hike along the Northcoast trail in Denmark

Weedy Seadragon Sketch

Weedy Sea Dragon moleskine sketch

Weedy Seadragon Study in my Moleskine notebook

Walking as a family, ancient way

Walking together, Ancient Nomads way

Drawing about a different kind of leadership among some hunter-gatherer societies


Hiking: Morning on the sacred rocks, Bornholm coast trail

Out hiking again on Bornholm,  in the Baltic Sea. Now on the “Sacred Rocks.” North-East side. Packed down my tent...

Watercolors. Back on Bornholm coast trail

Watercolors. Back on Bornholm coast trail

Right now I am back out hiking in fast changing weather, on the small island, Bornholm, in the Baltic Sea....

Watercolor of pinewood and the Baltic Sea - Bornholm

Bornholm watercolors Hike South Coast May 2012

Watercolor impressions from a hike to Bornholm, Denmark.

Drawing of a Christmas tree in watercolor

My free drawings passing 500.000 views on Flickr – Thank You

My Top Ten most popular drawings on Flickr, as my illustrations are passing 500.000 views here in may 2012.

Moleskine sketch hike April 2011

Moleskine sketch hike April 2011

Left yesterday on a three days solo hike here in Denmark. Great weather so far. Plan to upload my sketches...

A5 paper - Bornholm

My watercolor gear

A short introduction to my watercolor gear