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The trouble when big business go fishing

Drawing about what tend to happen when big business want to feed the fast growing cities

Beginning of time

Open for Business

Green Money

Green, sprouting money, Watercolor

Women in business

Woman relating to the traditional male defined business jigsaw puzzle

The edge

Facing the challenges

investor logic

Are we all nothing but businessmen throwing with money? Illustration

Business shark above the water

Drawing of a creature half man half shark

Self publishing man

The new way we can publish everything, everywhere

How will stress look to the future us?

Stress seen as a reaction to a meaningless life in the modern trenches

Highway or innovation jumping to the unknown

Sketching up strategies between the safe road forward and jumping of in unknown directions

The problem of Unlimited Economic Growth illustrated

metaphor illustrated about when we in a society lives from cutting each others hair… Drawing by Frits