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State of the tree of life – illustration

Drawing about the tree of life and of how we exploit nature.

Get out of the car illustration

Drawing about a man stuck in his car, in front of the good life…

Three Doors of Action

Do Anything, Do Everything, or Do nothing. Free Drawing by Frits, HikingArtist

Electric car drawing

Can the Electric car ever become real eco friendly? Drawing and thoughts by Frits

Small fishes Save the Sea drawing

Drawing of lot of small fish swimming around to write save the “Ocean” in the Public Domain

Ignorance, progress, treshold or turning point? illustration

Sometimes ignorance is not the best way to progress, drawing about changing to a more sustainable and ecological way of moving forward and the global threats to society.

Eco Experts getting ready for a green 2012

New Year illustration, hope for a greener 2012, hope a lot of new people will join in

Noah’s Digital Ark for Threatened Animals illustration

Free Drawing about the digital efforts to save threatened animals and their DNA , drawing about ecology and conservation work

All in the Same kind of Boat Public Domain illustration

Free Public Domain Drawing about how we are together, alone in our small boats

When business meets ecology illustration

Free drawing about how we all sit and wait, while we get hungry

Economic growth illustration

Free illustration about our ambition about unlimited Economic Growth, and our Population Growth, Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt – HikingArtist