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Digital native kids

Online family ties drawing

Crocodile mom

Drawing: snack

Grandad´s gone surfing

Small story experiment: The old surfer, apps and technology

Can you see me now?

Kid with tablet

Dad at home illustration

Drawing about taking over as an involved dad, getting used to the promotion at home

The loser strategy to winning

Drawing of a man wishing for all others to fail, so he will look better

Good morning grumpy morning stone illustration

Free illustration about saying good morning to a grumpy stone

Behavioral engineering illustration

Cartoon about when you want other people to change to be more like you

Way more than 3 things illustration

Multitasking has it limits and they are not always the same for men and women
Free illustration by HikingArtist

At low tide no man is an island drawing

Sometimes our worlds look very different at low tide, Free illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt about individualism, isolation, reality and our understanding of it.

Ignorance, progress, treshold or turning point? illustration

Sometimes ignorance is not the best way to progress, drawing about changing to a more sustainable and ecological way of moving forward and the global threats to society.

Goldfish bowl driving

Modern transparent, 2.0 transportation. drawing by Frits

When Ecologists Divorce illustration

Kids perspective, when the green, sustainable living parents split up the habitat, Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Mother of twins illustration

Just a drawing of a happy mother of twins – free to download and use

Your mother is here – illustration

Free illustration about mothers and others who know how to camouflage themselves in the wallpaper