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Drawing up waves of change

New climate and environment illustrations up

Creating your own weather

Drawing: Thoughts and reality

Global warming action vs words

Talking about climate change is so much easier than changing ones own life and habits

Wandering house drawing

Drawing of a future home

Paying with Likes

Will likes be the coins of tomorrow?

Kangaroo road

Drawing: Taking life one jump at a time

Looking back

You can look, but only see the past… or can you?

Cold Hand of Technology

The Promise

Laptop tiger illustration

Fusion between a laptop and a tiger drawing

Time Machine illustration

Sketch of a Techno Crystal ball walk-in thing

Writing about the future at the vanishing point

Drawing of a blogger in front of his laptop, thinking about the future

Paradise in at tube illustration

User experience flow design, as some sees it… By Frits Ahlefeldt