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People together in heart


Finding shelter in tree of love

Climbing to safety

From computer dating to dating computers

When technology and passion become one

Bridge to happiness

There is no bridge to Happiness, happiness is the bridge drawing

Rainbow People Drawing

Illustration: We’re all different, like a rainbow

Thought experiment

Drawing: Love, affection and cognition, thinking together

Eating in Clouds


Green heart

Drawing: Nature heart

Free Hugs

Link: Healing the world one hug at a time

Technology can’t give you a hug

There is not an app for everything

Old Couple Drawing

Old fisherman, woman and cat illustration

Connected tree people

Drawing of connected people with roots

At the Lost and Found Office

Reality waiting for someone

Big Fish

Sketch of a big fish

Wandering hippie snail

When people jump of the wagon, chill and go hippie

Heart illustrations

A handful of different heart illustrations. Drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt

Left and right brain people team illustration

Drawing of lef-right mind team / couple, one feeling, the other calculating thoughts

Anger management illustration

Is it possible to choose between feelings? illustration by HikingArtist

Surrender to Love

Drawing of a guy up against a wall

Love in the Roulette Society illustration

Life-coach, dices or free choice in the TV reality show Casino

Smile and the world smiles with you illustration

Drawing about how attitude matters

two friends out looking for trouble again illustration

When very different characters forms an alliance

On becoming heroes, decisionmaking and game theory

Drawing about trust, heroes, character and a balloon drifting off

With us or against us illustration

Drawing about the classic situation when win, win is replaced with are you for or against me

Drawing: Hugs 2 go menu, more than just Coffee

Different kind of menu with XL applause, Hugs, smiles and friendly people giving more than just coffee

Looking without seeing

Illustration about different ways of seeing

Three Doors of Action

Do Anything, Do Everything, or Do nothing. Free Drawing by Frits, HikingArtist

The loser strategy to winning

Drawing of a man wishing for all others to fail, so he will look better

Sky fishing

Drawing of a fisherman that caught a cloud

Good morning grumpy morning stone illustration

Free illustration about saying good morning to a grumpy stone

Way more than 3 things illustration

Multitasking has it limits and they are not always the same for men and women
Free illustration by HikingArtist

When Reality Bites illustration

Free Drawing about trying to catch a little fish and ending up in a big fish, black and white version and color version

Cat and Dog online 2.0

Free illustration about how dogs and cats communicate on the web, illustration about communication web2.0, free drawing

All in the Same kind of Boat Public Domain illustration

Free Public Domain Drawing about how we are together, alone in our small boats

When Ecologists Divorce illustration

Kids perspective, when the green, sustainable living parents split up the habitat, Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

The Other Side illustrations

Free drawings about crossing the river in a small boat, to get to the flowers, if there are any…

Mother of twins illustration

Just a drawing of a happy mother of twins – free to download and use