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Leaf Woman Watercolor

Living deep in the old Woods

Note: Planting trees in deserts with Waterboxx

Note, sketch and video about Waterboxx, system to fight desertification by planting trees

Old hut Watercolor

Watercolor sketch

The edge

Facing the challenges

Treehouse, green community living

Drawing of how an an “architecture tree” for a community might look

Be the Change you want to see in the World drawing

Wild Harvest, growing communities or clearcutting. The choice is (often) yours down at the local supermarket

What to do with all the cars in ten years?

We are running out of oil, so how will that change our culture?


Drawing of a lot of cars heading on and on

Many roads illustration

Drawing of a lot of streets intermingling

State of the tree of life – illustration

Drawing about the tree of life and of how we exploit nature.

Love to have my feathers back, girl – illustration

Finding balance, love and peace – meditating – and thinking about the ecological balance is not always easy… Free Drawing from HikingArtist

Eco Experts getting ready for a green 2012

New Year illustration, hope for a greener 2012, hope a lot of new people will join in

When business meets ecology illustration

Free drawing about how we all sit and wait, while we get hungry