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Sketching up green corridors for wildlife and hikers

When nature is gone, corridors can connect the last standing islands for a better future

Elephant Watercolor sketch

Sketching elephants to learn more about them (sitting in the Royal Danish Library with stacks of wildlife books)

Small fishes Save the Sea drawing

Drawing of lot of small fish swimming around to write save the “Ocean” in the Public Domain

Noah’s Digital Ark for Threatened Animals illustration

Free Drawing about the digital efforts to save threatened animals and their DNA , drawing about ecology and conservation work

If only Penguins could spell to global warming – illustration

Stop global Warming – Free drawing about Penguins on the South Pole standing so the make up Giant Letters protesting against extreme weather

Reality gap or green corridors?

Free Clipart about how our roads works as Reality Gaps, guess it is both for us – and the other species facing them.

Animals in the city – illustration

Free drawing about how wildlife could be integrated in architecture

Fishing for the last Tuna

illustration – Tuna fishing in trouble, only catching empty cans