Drawing of a Christmas tree in watercolor

My free CreativeCommons Drawings are now passing 500.000 views on Flickr.com and Christmas trees dominate my top 10

I have uploaded more than 4-500 drawings to the Flickr (one of the worlds largest image sites) during the last years. And I am very happy to see that  I now pass 500.000 views there. The large majority of my drawings are about heavy things like Global warming, ecology, sustainable living, philosophy, society, love, family, life, psychology, people and other serious things and  I think my drawings has been put to good use in a lot of different places.

But to my big surprise – Here is my all time top 10 on views on Flickr, so Far… Guess my 5-7 happy, defenseless Christmas trees  really takes the winning price on Flickr, so far, half of my top ten views are of these Christmas trees.

Drawing of a Christmas tree in watercolor

Christmas tree in watercolor, the all time number one

My All time top image on my Flickr HikingArtist page

And here are my following nine most viewed illustrations on Flickr:

And as I am sitting here a late evening and looking at the Flickr counter passing by 499.838 views, I wonder if I should use this feedback to somehow adjust the way I do things, both here and on Flickr. Hopefully I can show you more about that soon and you are most welcome to give me feedback.

But most of all  I am very grateful, thank you for checking out my drawings.

Creative Commons License
The above drawings by HikingArtist is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

You can see all my CreativeCommons Flickr images here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hikingartist/

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  1. Congratulations on the Flicr count. I got your email and I do appreciate your kind words.
    I will be using your profile and some information that I have gleaned from your site to let the people who get my book, know who you are…

  2. They are the best.
    I use them for presentations and on blog posts – making sure to give attribution of course.
    Keep up this great work -I love your drawings (if it wasn’t apparent already…)

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