pencil sketches of ideas

Drawing up ideas

Text and concept drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt

pencil sketches of ideas

Sketching up ideas

Most of the time I am doing illustrations, but from time to time I also do concept drawings of eco-designs and ideas for sustainability I didn’t learn to draw in school, but much later and in a different place than most illustrators, as I learned to draw on the School of Architecture on the Royal Danish Art academy, where I spend countless days drawing up sections, plan and perspectives of green designs and line out ideas about thrive and sustainability. Not with brushes but with thin technical pencils and using rulers to keep the precision.

It was not until much later I started to do newspaper and magazine illustrations, so from time to time I go back to my pencils and sketch up ideas again, like in the old days 🙂

Check out the finished sketches for making a new kind of off-shore wind turbine, that not only help making sustainable energy, give off-grid shelters power,  but also try to make a jump to fitting in and supporting biodiversity in the sea: You can see the finished sketches over on my site:

Concept drawings and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

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