Drawing of experts alone on an island, discussion reality and climate change

Climate change scientists all agree, but how do we connect this knowledge to the mainland?

Drawing about how part of the trouble sometimes seems to me that the climate scientists are swimming ashore,  on a slowly flooding conference island of knowledge, to discuss what to do about climate change and global warming, while being more and more isolated from the mainstream culture and the dominating business logic of competitive, accelerating economic growth.

Drawing of experts alone on an island, discussion reality and climate change

Theory alone on an island




Understanding climate change is essential, but far from enough – the most difficult part is going from words to action, starting to create the necessary changes.  But there are little sign of this – even on the very climate change conferences put up to counter the devastating effects of extreme weather and rising sea-levels.

Starting there, with action, hearing talks about the climate experts own actions and measures to prepare for a different future, instead of only words and graphs is a very good place to create change so the rest of the world – far, far away back on the mainland,  can not only hear short press-resumes, but see the real experienced results of change and adaption.

What to do? – start change your own lifestyle…

In this way it would be really, really like to read the story of  Al Gore moving into a small, minimalist, sustainable hut, and growing his food on the front lawn…  and the stories of more and more climate change scientists who walk their talk… This would mean a lot for everybody else to better understand that the scientists not only believe we have to change our ways of life, they walk ahead personally, Gandhi style – and live out this change of lifestyle

Matching extreme weather with seeing extreme change of the habits and values of the climate change experts today, in ways designed to optimize thrive in new and creative ways, instead of  the desperate rescue attempts forced on by lack of action now.

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

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