ice bear watercolor painting by frits ahlefeldt

Watercolors of endangered animals – Polar Bear

Endangered from all sides, from poaching, climate change, loss of habitat, pollution of food sources – the list goes on and on for the largest land predator still alive on the planet, the polar bear – No wonder they have become one of the most known icons of endangered species, but they are also something else… 

A middle-aged and wind shaped woman stopped op outside my small studio, she looked at the watercolors of animals on display in the window, “I’m from Greenland” she said, there on the busy street in Denmark, between the cars… “can you paint an polar bear for me?”  I nodded. “it is because… ” she stopped. “thank you” she said and walked on.

ice bear watercolor painting by frits ahlefeldt

Watercolor of Ice bear looking down

watercolour of an ice bear

Ice bear study, watercolor

Ice bear sitting, watercolor study by Frits Ahlefeldt

Ice bear sitting, watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt


All three Ice bear watercolors are free to use under CreativeCommons NC-ND license

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