Two people with a new TV walking past a poor man

Worlds colliding in strange new ways

How we connect and keep updated on everything are more and more based on digital technology. All over the world screens in all sizes and other digital products are replaced every few months, while those around us, not visible online, slowly fade out of view…

Out in the streets I see more and more strange situations, everybody from young to old, poor to rich, bum to king, staring into screens, everywhere. In the cars, the trains, in the coffee shops, on the plazas… on the playgrounds.  I stopped for a second and tried to resist pulling out my phone, it suddenly seemed to me that all things not online are fading, fading in ways accelerating with an incredible speed.

Two people with a new TV walking past a poor man

Begging between screens

Drawing and Text by Frits Ahlefeldt

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