drawing of a toy saying I am not a toy anymore

Drawing technology and kids

It looks like the toys children play with, both at home, in school and outdoors gets more and more intelligent and able to adapt to the behavior and learn from the kids – even challenge them

These toys can often even send their impressions, logs of their interactions and knowledge of the kids behavior and progress over time, back online to who-ever is at the other end, to share, compare and keep track of kids, simultaneously all over the world.

These new, but familiar looking toys, will evolve and grow with the kids, in ways that will make it possible to design and experiment with creating bonds, friendships, habits, learning patterns and challenges for the kids in ways that are hard to grasp today.

drawing of a toy saying I am not a toy anymore

When toys get artificial intelligence

Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Link: The I am not a toy anymore Illustration is from my technology drawings collection on LandscapesOfUnderstanding.com


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