Drawing of a woman in water surrounded by Fish. Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Fish and water drawing

Watercolor of freshwaterfish, by Frits Ahlefeldt - Karusse Dansk Ferskvandsfisk

Watercolors of the Freshwater fish species in Denmark, Research understanding the life in rivers and lakes

No.007 Color drawing of fish on a rice paper lamp. Artwork by Frits Ahlefeldt

N0 007 Rice paper lamp painting. Octopus, green turtle and fish swimming around

Drawing of fish eats fish eats fish on rice paper lamp. Artwork by Frits Ahlefeldt

Telling the old story of fish eating fish on a sphere rice paper lamp. Handmade Artwork

Hand painted artwork on rice paper lamp. Fish in love. By Frits Ahlefeldt

Characters and couples. Drawing up fish swimming together around a rice paper lamp

Artwork by Frits Ahlefeldt - Painting on rice paper lamp with fish illustration

Hand painted Fish and shark characters in ink and watercolor, swimming around rice paper lamp

Painting on rice paper lamp, sphere artwork by Frits Ahlefeldt

Painting Fish on a Rice paper lamp, by mistake turning it upside down – The start of my Sphere Painting Art Project

Watercolor collection of the Danish freshwater fish Project and watercolours by Frits Ahlefeldt A public good project – where I work to describe and sketch up the Danish freshwater fish to help show why we need to protect streams, rivers and lakes in Denmark. There are +30 freshwater species in Denmark. Here are the fish […]

Drawing of a fish thinking

What is water?

Businessman taking all the fish from the ocean

Drawing about what tend to happen when big business want to feed the fast growing cities

Drawing of a fish on a monitor

Digital life

Might evolution prove the reluctant fish one day

Were the old days better?

drawing of a very big fish that ate a fisherman

Sketch of a big fish

Drawing of a blue fish with red Flowers

Just a drawing of a fish with red flowers

Drawing of a goldfish, trying to stay in its bowl
Drawing of a lot of small fishes swimming to save the Ocean
Drawing of a man catching a cloud

Modern transparent, 2.0 transportation. drawing by Frits

Fish hiding among fish hooks