Cartoon of a boy with backpack outdoors with a police officer holding him in the arm talking to his parent. Officer says: We found him talking to trees offline" Parent says OMG Offline. Hiking cartoon and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Online anybody can be fairytale figures and super heroes, but off-line the limits are more narrow

Watercolour painting of Alder tree. Square vers. Portrait painted live in the forest. Art by Frits Ahlefeldt

Collection of watercolor of Alder trees painted live in winter, in watercolor

Painting of sphere house by Frits Ahlefeldt, on Rice paper lamp

No. 022 sphere color painting. Tree pillar building with animals and other beings around a rice paper lamp

Painting of trees with roots on rice paper lamp. Artwork by Frits Ahlefeldt

No. 020 Black and White painting of trees around a Rice Paper lamp. Wood Wide Web experiement

Trees and hikers Illustration in ink and watercolor on sphere lamp

No. 010 Sphere painting on Rice paper lamp. Group of people walking between and sitting in trees

trees connecting roots in water

Drawing: green network with blue middle

Drawing of a tree in the wind

Drawing: Shaped by Nature

Drawing of a city in a tree

Drawing: The Green, sustainable city taken a step further

Illustration of a tree with musicians sitting in it and money people extracting the profit

How do musicians get paid, when money-people extract the profit?

drawing of people with roots

Drawing of connected people with roots

Treehouse for a green community

Drawing of how an an “architecture tree” for a community might look

Drawing of a group of tall trees

Tree sketch from a hike through a coastal forest today, and the finished color illustration

Tree and guy talking about the length of life

Tree and man talking about the length of life

drawing of trees in a building

illustration of a building with trees in it

Drawing of a tree house with a cat

Drawing of a cosy house up in the trees, where one could spend the autumn reading a good book

Drawing of the Tree of life
illustration of two trees
Tree with electricity outlets drawing
illustration of a guy climbing the wrong tree
Illustration of a hiker changing thoughts while hiking. Hiking cartoon and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Walking helps our ability to think in ways we still do better experience, than sit and think about…