Giraffe Watercolor

Watercolor study of an giraffe

Watercolor painting of a Buffalo, sideview

Watercolor of a bison

Watercolor of tall dead trees in green grass

Watercolor note from a Coastal Trail, Denmark

Watercolour of a stranded boat

Coastal trail sketch

Holtug chalk pit, Denmark

Old mine turned into nature reserve

Watercolor of an salamander

Fast sketch of a Salamander for a hiking story

Watercolor of man and wife standing

Expression of watercolors without sketching first

Drawing of people, pine trees, bear, moose and people

Watercolor sketch that came out very different

watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt

Can nature and walks help people get better? What a Watercolor job about an old hospital garden taught me

Dragon study, watercolor

Watercolor study of dragons

Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Life by the river, watercolor

Watercolor of person wearing leaves

Living deep in the old Woods

Carlsberg, Copenhagen red brick building

Sustainable architecture in the old days, watercolor study

Watercolor of an owl

Animal watercolor study

Sketch of woman in Copenhagen

Four sketches of people from the streets

Watercolour of Sea turtle

Three Sea turtle watercolor sketches to the Public Domain

Watercolor portrait of man, yellow hair, beard

Watercolor portrait sketch

Watercolor of a poor woman with a shopping cart
Watercolor of man

Watercolor sketch of a man

watercolor of a pond with fishes and plants

Water and green plants watercolor sketch