freelance open innovation by HikingArtist

Beta version sketch of a change in progress  (April 2015, by Frits Ahlefeldt)

Free ideas, trails and drawings

Here in 2015 I am making changes to the way I work:
The most important change is that I don’t send drawings on e-mail anymore, I now publish all my new drawings and watercolors on the web, as new parts of free collections, that can be downloaded and used by everyone, under CreativeCommons By-ND license – for the Public Good

The idea is to make my work more useful and help the images stay relevant while sketching up more solutions and understandings about sustainability, thrive, trails, climate change etc.

This is a work in progress and I update and change my way of working (and this text)  as I learn more, but here is how I make freelance drawings / open innovation now:

  • I publish open ideas and drawings for free download/use (I don’t send them on private e-mails)
  • I make all my drawings and watercolors in hand, digitize and upload/publish them on the web
  • The artworks are made as open innovation with continued and equal input from many sources (No “idea-ownership” references)  
  • I publish my artworks under CreativeCommons By-ND license (Both commercial and non-commercial use is possible – but without changes)
  • My site   is where I publish and make all new drawings and watercolors available, and they can be used onward from there by all

In short, I am changing the way I work:  to live from creating and uploading my work to the web, so it  can be free and available for everybody on the web.

By working this way I hope my work can become much more useful for open discussions, solutions, articles, programs and efforts about how to understand and what to do with the challenges we all face.

I also plan to make talks, research and hikes, take part in open projects, workshops and accept donations

All the best

Frits Ahlefeldt,