Frits Ahlefeldt (1966)

Art, design and trails for a better place

Frits Ahlefeldt – Denmark

Artist, Eco-freak, Hiker. (Educated in Art, Architecture, Design, Ecology and Digital Communication)

I am making my art-projects about thrive, the environment, sustainable living, ecology, technology and the challenges and trails ahead of us…


Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art 1991-2000
(Architecture, Design, Landscape)

Danish IT University 2001-2006 Cand. IT
(Digital design, interaction, media, networks and communication)

Specialized in: Watercolors,  storytelling, concept-visualization, sustainable living, design,  ecology, group dynamics, thrive,  process-facilitation and creating/ using digital media inside and outside the Public Domain.


I work as an artist, blogger, visual storyteller and graphic facilitator. Mostly on my own projects, and as a freelance consultant for networks  and for a number of  media, organisations and companies  including UN, EU and a lot of other organisations that make use of my knowledge on sustainability, design, digital media, psychology, thrive, and can use my visual way of working.

I work out of  Copenhagen, Denmark, do most of my work with thousand year old drawing techniques and timeless tools like brushes, ink, paper and watercolor.  I also have a few gadgets, including my Linux-Ubuntu powered tablet PC and solar powered Brunton charger.

I always try to keep updated on sociology, philosophy, design, sustainable living and technology –  and other subjects that are important for understanding where and how we can find new paths forward


I’ve been into hiking since 1987, after learning the basics on a mountaineering school in Norway and have since worked to combine a way to hike, sketch and help to design better ways of relating to nature.  Longest trip I’ve done so far must be the 3,5 month hiking and research trek, I did down through France and Spain, sketching watercolors and taking notes, all along the old Camino de Santiago,  to Santiago de Compostela.

Back home

The last 10 years I’ve focused on how we, our trails and places connect and interact, through storytelling, and how this can be supported by using digital technology and media.

What I find is that the way we connect to the landscapes and to each other somehow works after the same ancient hardwired patterns, and now the digital technology finds new and better ways to support this.   And this knowledge can help us understand how to build better and more sustainable societies, communities and relationships.

I work from a green vision to empower our cities, to find ways to make us thrive better and to, at the same time, get closer to finding more sustainable ways of living.

In my drawings and storytelling I often use metaphors as I try both to illustrate the challenges, the paradoxes and when possible even to sketch directions, that can get us moving along better trails.

I regularly  update my  Twitter and Facebook and also put Creative Commons drawings up on Flickr from time to time

All the best
Frits Ahlefeldt
HikingArtist com