Drawing: the Princess Selfie

Girl in a sofa with her phone

From thoughts to apps

EU flag with like hands

To agree vs. to like online

illustration of a vending machine where you pay with likes

Will likes be the coins of tomorrow?

Droid robot, making a stand up joke

Thoughts on humor and computers

Drawing of an eye with a camera in it

Learning computers to see

Drawing of Jonas thinking inside the whale

Jonas in the Whale, understanding, time and media

Small story experiment: The old surfer, apps and technology

lecture on communication teory, while student catch up with social media

Catching up on Facebook while learning about communication theory

Baby with a tablet

Kid with tablet

Christmas tree with tablets

The Christmas tree between on and offline

Drawing of a head between clouds

Computing Reality

Drawing of life in space

No sunsets in screen life

Drawing of a digital face, made up of phones, tablets and computers

Say “yes” if you can hear me 2.0

Drawing of a man under a lightning cloud, writing on his laptop

Cloud storytelling in stormy weather drawing

Light bulb with WWW in it

When the world went digital because of an idea

pioneer on digital robot horse

New technology drawing

Illustration of a man Reading the Newspaper

Monument for a dying art form

Illustration of a tree with musicians sitting in it and money people extracting the profit

How do musicians get paid, when money-people extract the profit?

Drawing of a guy behind screens, saying he wants everything, now and for free

Illustration, the digital consumer

Woman hugging a mobile phone

There is not an app for everything

Drawing of a steamroller making the Earth flat

The trouble of industrialisation

Robot promise, man will never be alone again
Drawing of a snake selling watches

Open for Business

Drawing of a hand chained to a cell phone

Cell phone in chain

illustration of half computer half animal creature. (tiger)

Fusion between a laptop and a tiger drawing

Drawing of a fish on a monitor

Digital life

woman plugging her smartphone into a tree

There are apps for several ways of connecting to nature, but is it the same?

Might evolution prove the reluctant fish one day

Were the old days better?

drawing of a guy with a double-edged sword and his head on the ground looking at him

When technology cuts both ways

illustration of an open office space

How it might feel working in an open office. illustration

digital man

The new way we can publish everything, everywhere

Drawing about communication, from looking at the stars, to the TV, to the Apps

Drawing about how we went from mind to apps.

man with a sign, saying he is taking a five minutes break

Does taking a five minutes break matters in a different way, the strange 23 hours day, where Daylight saving time DST, shrink the logic?

Scientist in earth wheelchair

illustration about an old man looking out in the universe, wondering about it all, and a few other drawings

drawing of a woman asking for a mug

Drawing about when visions and requests isn’t aligned all that well

Computer man develop computer with self-awareness, god start says wife cartoon

What will happen if man develop a computer that is self-aware?

Drawing about a conflict between focus on innovation and focus on stability

Drawing of a man with a bubble as head

Finding the line between imagination, perception, reality and believes

Crystal ball machine

Sketch of a Techno Crystal ball walk-in thing

drawing of an native American sending a smoke signal
drawing of an group of men with signs saying NO
wizard in a duel with scientist, illustration
electric car dragging a windmill
Drawing of a scientist looking at an big eye looking at him
illustration of a man sleeping and reaching out for the alarm clock
house without a door
Drawing of a blogger at the edge of the future
Drawing of a man catching a cloud
Drawing about the old fairy tale about Hansel and Gretel
Drawing of a man that wants to reprogram woman
a cat and a dog in front of two flatscreens looking exited

Free illustration about how dogs and cats communicate on the web, illustration about communication web2.0, free drawing

Drawing of zebras, elephants and other threatened animals going into an ark on laptop

Free Drawing about the digital efforts to save threatened animals and their DNA , drawing about ecology and conservation work

Fledgling trying to convince its bird parents to give it a parachute cartoon

Coaching: What they want is not always what they need illustration – bringing up kids cartoon

Free illustration of world changing events, involving an apple, from Adam over Newton to Steve Jobs

Tube illustration with entrance and exit
drawing of a caveman wondering under a tree
Creative Director pulling Rabbits out of his black hat