The opposite of teamwork

Drawing of people together in heart, Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt
drawing of a toy saying I am not a toy anymore
Therapist asking about the problem coach asking about the potential

Different roadmaps to thrive

By Frits Ahlefeldt
drawing of a crab selling balloons at the button of the sea

Selling trips to the surface


CreativeCommons drawing for a change

office lion making a kill while the rest of the office watch

Old rules in new places

Drawing of an woman octopus with many blue eyes

Sketching up Multitasking

illustration of a bird sitting in a tree sawing of the branch it is sitting on

Bird with a saw illustration

Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Sketching up feelings for

Drawing of a happy, smiling bridge with two people on it

There is no bridge to Happiness, happiness is the bridge drawing

drawing of a girl falling into a V formed hole, flying away on a V formed kite in the next image

Focus on Recovery in drawings

Drawing of a man laying on his stomach holding on to his money and another laying on his back in nature, looking at a butterfly in the sky
Man in the belly of indecision

Sketching up doubt

Woman in nature, by Frits Ahlefeldt

Sketching up people

Drawing of a woman thinking up a rainy day with lightning

Drawing: Thoughts and reality

Factory farm illustration (CreativeCommons Lincense By-NC-ND)

Connections between animal welfare, industrial life and thrive

expecting the unexpected any time is stressful

Drawing: Facing change 24/7

Fractured reality of the modern city (CreativeCommons License)

Drawing: The fractured reality of the modern city

Drawing of an angry man in the happiness bank

The smiley economy of modern life

Drawing of a bearded man with two doors as eyes

Drawing of a man

Drawing of a banjo player in a little cabin on the facade of a high rise officebuilding

Drawing: The banjo player in the little wood cabin outside the office highrise

Drawing of a town behind a gated wall

Drawing of a city, separated from its surroundings

Group of people in rainbow colors

Illustration: We’re all different, like a rainbow

Drawing of a lot of juries, experts and speakers all making themselves heard

Drawing: Lots of experts making themselves heard

Wrecked car and a guy saying to hell with the car, just make it look like we are still on the road

Why it is important to recognize the challenges

Dialogue bubble with scaffolding around it, man and woman talking

Facilitating dialogue, using an word from a different world

Drawing of a dragon reading a knight story to a little dragon, the little dragon asking if all knights are evil

Dragons at home

group of young people with hearts and chemical reactions on their heads

Drawing: Love, affection and cognition, thinking together

People in silos looking out

Thoughts on Public vs private space and trails

Drawing of a couple eating dinner drawing made of clouds
drawing of a monster of invoices

Never run, they are much faster than us…

Drawing of a cat saying "hello bird" and the bird say "its mr. bird"

Drawing: Facing the challenges

Drawing of a fish thinking

Sometimes it is better just to move on

Old Astronomer looking at the stars from an small island

Drawing: Astronomer on an small island

Drawing of a girl on a pink elephant

If we can think it…

Drawing of an British Gentleman and an tribal chief meeting and thinking "freak"

Open dialogue can bring us closer

business meeting looking serious with the chairman saying lets take a hippie minute with feathers

Drawing: Business and creativity

Drawing of Jonas thinking inside the whale

Jonas in the Whale, understanding, time and media

Drawing of a tree in the wind

Drawing: Shaped by Nature

Man lying in coins, covered in money drawing

Is there a logic to how much money anyone will need?

Drawing of mars men saying we come with Habermas

Drawing: Academics from afar

Drawing of a chief cook, looking up at the moon and stars, as a plate

Drawing: Food and the success of taste

Drawing: Crocodile mum and kid looking at little bird, mum say, don't ruin your appetite

Drawing: snack

Drawing of heart made up of leaves

Drawing: Nature heart

Drawing of an elephant room

Drawing: Space made of the things we don’t talk about

Drawing of an elephant seen through talking bubbles

Different perspectives on the same reality

Drawing of a road mad of circles

Drawing: Taking life one jump at a time

Drawing of a city in a tree

Drawing: The Green, sustainable city taken a step further

Drawing of a line of people looking serious with folded hands

Drawing: Committee Decision time

skeleton sitting in money, begging for water

Illustration: Begging for water

Drawing of stack of coins in high stormy sea

Drawing and quote from: Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching. About change

Traffic snake eating its own tail

Drawing: Traffic feeding on its own logic, squeezing life out of city centers

Drawing of a jar with work pills

Drawing: work, medicine… or not… trails to recovery illustration

Black and white drawing

Black and white drawing: Repeating faces

Drawing of a snake in a shop with watches

Drawing: The watchmaker in Paradise

Sign with time on it and a seagull

Drawing: Drifting around with a seagull

Drawing of a little girl with a book head with hair as pages


Drawing of a group of people thinking together: groups don't think people do

When experts agree

Woman with a flower drawing

Recovery drawing

illustration of a tree and a girl in the autumn wind

One of the billion things you can’t do on an Ipad

Drawing of a pheasant and peasant watching each other

City freaks and country folks

Drawing of a round house

The Whole Community

Cars drawing around an empty Circle

The Hole Community

Drawing of a man under a lightning cloud, writing on his laptop

Cloud storytelling in stormy weather drawing

Sketch of a bird with human legs, looking blue

There’ll be days like this…

drawing of a sun watering the flowers

Be the change you want to see in your neighborhood drawing

Illustration of a tree with musicians sitting in it and money people extracting the profit

How do musicians get paid, when money-people extract the profit?

Drawing of a happy, strange creature, waking up

Is the one you wake up with every morning

Woman on a raft, floating, with a lamp as company

Everything changes and nothing stands still
(Heraclitus 535 BC-475 BC )

Drawing of an old man of the woods facing a woman with lots of paper forms

Man Of the Woods

Joes Joint with the Perfection is not on the menu sign

Joe’s new place

Drawing of a jar of magical storytelling Pills

The Magic of Stories

Drawing of people writing Healing Storytelling on the side of a hospital

Best Hospitals use it

Drawing of a woman with blond hair, walking lightly

Ink and Watercolor illustration

Woman hugging a mobile phone

There is not an app for everything

illustration of a man hiking under trees with a lot of leaves

Illustration of green trees in front of the Sea

illustration of a penguin out on open sea, on an iceberg

Out on open Sea

Drawing of a truckload of time

Time as something you can put in a truck

Two stone-age people standing with one saying You scratch my back, ill scratch yours?

The business relationship

Boy that wants to write To Cool for School, but spell: to Gool For Schol

The importance of learning the basics

Drawing about a girl looking up at the stars, with the text, reality is full of holes that is where the light comes in

That is where the light comes in

Drawing of a head with eyes in the back and none in the front

You can look, but only see the past… or can you?

Drawing of two players, one called story the other telling, running with a ball

Can sport be seen as real-time, storytelling magic?

man writing once upon a time, with pencils

Putting stories into reality

Drawing of a guy standing in front of worse, wanting to get to better

Challenge of getting better

King drinking beer and waiting in front of his TV, with a show of his lost kingdom

Waiting for the action, instead of taking it

Drawing of a woman feeding children

School meals, maybe the most efficient way to help children of poor families get an education

Three eyed man reading a newspaper
Drawing of the moon and the sun
Drawing of a woman in a jigsaw

Woman relating to the traditional male defined business jigsaw puzzle

illustration of a lot of people making up a key

Working on solutions together – People as Key illustration

Old man fishing while old woman watching

Old fisherman, woman and cat illustration

Businessman throwing money to invest

Are we all nothing but businessmen throwing with money? Illustration

drawing of an water pool in a desert

Looking at the reverse of an island, water relief – in the desert

Men in small boxes on top of each other

Reality waiting for someone

Drawing of a creature half man half shark

Drawing of a creature half man half shark

Related people in a network

How can the difference between a connection and a relationship be seen?