A collection of Frits Ahlefeldt projects and stories

By Frits Ahlefeldt

A have worked and work on different art, design and innovations projects, using both my background in design and in communication to understand and help find better solutions to challenges

Here are some of the projects and areas I work on – projects in no specific order: With link to the pages here about them – as soon as I get them up

Places – A place is so much more than a location – I try to understand how and why

Urban farming – How our cities can help people thrive and be more sustainable by growing food

Frogs – Love these small amphibians, that are the most endangered group of animals on Earth

Rivers and streams – understanding waterways

Extreme Weather – Climate change and what we can do

Danish Freshwater fish – watercolors of the Danish freshwater fish – research

Landscapes of understanding – philosophy about how we understand reality as a landscape

Dwelling ( What living in a place and place-making means )

Thrive ( Understandings of how to live well and feel good )

Conflicts ( the challenges and understandings of conflicts )

Smart Nature ( about education and design thinking as a way to teach better

Innovation – Ways and understandings of what it means –  know-how from my 20+ years getting ideas

Hiking trails

Hiking – working to build up a global understanding of walking

Love – Just had to do a project about that too 🙂

Trees and plants – I’m fascinated of trees and what they are, how they communicate and live

Daydreaming ( On minds, technology, imagination and creativity )

Storytelling – Why, how and when we tell stories, what it means and how it can help us