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#2, Walking Bornholm Coastal trail

Bornholm Coastal trail is one of my favorite hiking destinations, it is a small 1.7 billion year old granite rock island far out in the middle of the Baltic Sea, halfway between Russia, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Bornholm is almost the perfect lab. to study and research hiking, so I plan to be out there a lot…

Smokeries, Svaneke, Bornholm, Denmark. Watercolor

Smokeries, Svaneke, Bornholm, Denmark. Watercolor

The Bornholm Hiking project

My project is to walk the 120km. around Bornholm, along the Coast trail several times throughout 2013, make sketches, watercolors and try to capture the experience and put it on the web. But also research and to get experience and inspiration from the trail, to some of my larger (coming) hiking projects.

Status March 2013:
In the beginning of march I did my first 2013 hike around the island in four beautiful, but frosty cold days. Right now I am building the (english texted) website, and working to get the first notes, maps, images and impressions online so I can launch the Bornholm website, officially. (and link to it here).

About the  120 km. ( 75 miles) coast trail

Bornholm is one of the most biodiversity intense and landscape mind blowing coastal hiking experiences in northern Europe. And it is mostly because the Bornholm island has been blessed with an extreme diversity in landscapes, created as a section through 1700 million years of time and surrounded by warming waters, that makes the local climate is so mild that the locals can grow almond and fig trees in their small sheltered gardens.  It is also because Bornholm is so remote from the mainlands that industrialization almost escaped its micro world and its small fishing villages has been so poor, that most of the fisherman’s and stonemason’s houses has been kept, repaired and refined through centuries.

An unknown and unspoiled hiking-trail

Of reasons I still can’t figure out the Bornholm coast trail is largely unknown, even though tourism on the Bornholm is the main source of income.  The coast trail is hundreds of years old, as it is following the ancient rescue paths, that has been cut into and maintained all around the island, both to rescue ships in need, to patrol, and simply to get around the island, as most of Bornholm’s small villages are situated as a string of pearls around the coastline of the island.