Men in small boxes on top of each other
drawing of a guy with a double-edged sword and his head on the ground looking at him

When technology cuts both ways

two men with hand bags

Two guys meeting up for making an agreement

people building pots out of walls

Thoughts on the difference between making defence walls or making sheltered gardens for growth

drawing of pigeon with leaf

illustration of a pigeon

illustration innovation

Drawing about a conflict between focus on innovation and focus on stability

journalist and activist views on saving the planet drawing

illustration about how journalists and activists see things from different sides

Is it possible to choose between feelings? illustration by HikingArtist

Illustration of a carrot and a Stick in a set

Drawing of the old reward and punishment system as a gift set

Drawing of a girl smiling to the sun

Drawing about how attitude matters

Farmer in conflict with Herder

Illustration about looking at the same problem from different perspectives

Drawing of a guy sitting tight on a chair

Drawing of a guy, trying not to move, to stay in control

drawing of an group of men with signs saying NO
Drawing of a podium with a sign saying "only one winner at the time"
Drawing of a big fish eating a small boat with business man saying no problem, only challenges
illustration of a worm with two heads, that ask the other head if its for or against us