illustration of the Tragedy of the Commons

Drawing, wondering about the dynamics in the Public Domain, threatened species and our shared ressources

electric car dragging a windmill
Drawing of a lot of small fishes swimming to save the Ocean
illustration of two trees
color drawing of a watch with the four seasons on it
islands without water

Sometimes our worlds look very different at low tide, Free illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt about individualism, isolation, reality and our understanding of it.

big ship heading out over waterfall, ignoring the warnings
Bird talking to a woman meditating
drawing of experts with suitcases waiting in line
Drawing of zebras, elephants and other threatened animals going into an ark on laptop

Drawing about the digital efforts to save threatened animals and their DNA

kid trying to stop parents from splitting up
people watching a tiny sprout, waiting...
Penguins on the south pole spelling Stop Global Warming
Drawing of a road splitting up green landscape
Fish hiding among fish hooks
Drawing of a city with animals