Joes Joint with the Perfection is not on the menu sign

Joe’s new place

Woman hugging a mobile phone

There is not an app for everything

illustration of kids painting flowers on earth

Green Education seen as a different kind of learning and creating

How can the difference between a connection and a relationship be seen?

man taking a co-worker out in nature

Drawing about helping a friend

Tree and guy talking about the length of life

Tree and man talking about the length of life

drawing of a yellow bus with multi decks

Illustration of a yellow bus with a lot of families living on multible decks

Drawing of a guy surrendering to love

Drawing of a guy up against a wall

Drawing of a girl smiling to the sun

Drawing about how attitude matters

watercolor of kids holding on to a kite

Imagination as holding on to the kite

Shark and seagull on their way together

When very different characters forms an alliance

illustration of two trees
illustration of a Crocodile getting teeth fixed by birds