Portrait Frits Ahlefeldt, Norway

More about Frits Ahlefeldt and my latest work on FritsAhlefeldt.com

Giraffe Watercolor

Watercolor study of an giraffe

Watercolor of tall dead trees in green grass

Watercolor note from a Coastal Trail, Denmark

Watercolour of a stranded boat

Coastal trail sketch

Watercolor of man and wife standing

Expression of watercolors without sketching first

Watercolor of an owl

Animal watercolor study

watercolor portrait of an old man

Watercolor study

Watercolor of beach stones

Stones on a windy day walking along the beach

Watercolor of beach and sea, Denmark

A few watercolors from a hike along the Northcoast trail in Denmark

Drawing of a group of tall trees

Tree sketch from a hike through a coastal forest today, and the finished color illustration

watercolor of an ape
Watercolor of shoal of fish

Just a plain watercolour of a lot of fish swimming together in a shoal

Watercolor of nomad

Watercolor of nomad