Woman with a flower drawing

Recovery drawing

Drawing of a woman with blond hair, walking lightly

Ink and Watercolor illustration

Drawing of a truckload of time

Time as something you can put in a truck

Drawing of a guy standing in front of worse, wanting to get to better

Challenge of getting better

Drawing of fishes swimming happily in a river

Jumping happy fish in the river

drawing of a man in huge bushes of rhododendrons

Nothing quite like wandering around in huge bushes of Rhododendrons while thinking

drawing of an water pool in a desert

Looking at the reverse of an island, water relief – in the desert

man taking a co-worker out in nature

Drawing about helping a friend

Tree and guy talking about the length of life

Tree and man talking about the length of life

drawing of an big urban wave

Drawing of the development from roaming in nature to living in the urban sprawl

illustration of a snail with flowers, peace and love signs

When people jump of the wagon, chill and go hippie

Man hiding in self-help book

Drawing about Self-help books and comfort zones

Is it possible to choose between feelings? illustration by HikingArtist

Drawing of a guy surrendering to love

Drawing of a guy up against a wall

Woman at a roulette wheel of life

Life-coach, dices or free choice in the TV reality show Casino

Drawing of a girl smiling to the sun

Drawing about how attitude matters

Drawing of a lot of cars heading on and on

grass cocoons with people in them

drawing of cocoon people in their grass homes

Drawing of a tree house with a cat

Drawing of a cosy house up in the trees, where one could spend the autumn reading a good book

just an illustration of a little girl, giving water to the plants, so they might become flowers some day