Hiker with landscapes on top of his head. illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

Phew, I’ve finally managed to add my almost 10 years of posting ((350+ posts) under my “HikingArtist” name into my Frits Ahlefeldt site. So now I use: FritsAhlefeldt only.

Drawing of a dragon reading a knight story to a little dragon, the little dragon asking if all knights are evil

Dragons at home

Illustration of a man Reading the Newspaper

Monument for a dying art form

Three eyed man reading a newspaper
journalist and activist views on saving the planet drawing

illustration about how journalists and activists see things from different sides

Man in a barrel heading out over a waterfall

Life lived in a ready for YouTube video way

academic muses around a guy writing

Drawing about Inspiration and influence when writing

Drawing of a blogger at the edge of the future