Sketch ink and watercolor of vultures

Fast study of the large scavenger birds

Pencil and Watercolor sketch of knight in armo

Drawing up knights in armor to study the look and designs

Pencil sketch of a robot on wheels

Getting ideas through loose pencil drawings

Watercolour of a stranded boat

Coastal trail sketch

Drawing in color of three girls and a bike

More impressions of people passing by

Drawing of a strange family

Walks with my brushes

Drawing of a home icon with leaves

Drawing: Home to color up

Sketch of a duck

Video Link: Showing how difficult it is for a duck with ducklings to cross a freeway

Jean Beliveau, long distance hiker walking around the world

Research link to Canadian Long distance hiker who walked 75.000km. around the world, before getting back to his family

house with goblins by Frits Ahlefeldt
Round house in the forest

Sketch color, little dwelling in the woods

Sketching nature houses

Drawing of a man dressed like a butterfly, with his luggage

Street sketch

Drawing of a sketch Elsinore

Note from my North Coast trail project

Sketch of fallen trees out to sea

Walking the North Coast Trail, Denmark

Penguin on an iceberg, with fish and turtle, ink drawing

One of those days

Sketch watercolor of little girl

Compassion makes us so much more

Watercolor sketch of a group of men in Copenhagen, in the rain

Crowd seeking shelter from the rain, Copenhagen watercolor

sketch of the Waterboxx

Note, sketch and video about Waterboxx, system to fight desertification by planting trees

drawing of a community building

Architecture going underground Sketch for a community dwelling Wouldn’t it be great if we could make designs that combined thrive with sustainable living and a stronger sense of community feel, here is a sketch in this direction (own design).