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My drawings

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I do drawings about thrive, sustainable living,technology and other things that might help us to make this a better place for all.  At the moment, as an experiment, I give my drawings away for free, so people can use them to help visualize challenges and solutions, even though they haven’t got the resources to invest in graphic design and fancy expensive campaigns.

Making new introductions to my drawings:

At the moment I work to make more drawings and start to get a bit more organized. I also have started to make introductions and so far I have made three introductions to the things I make drawings about:

Thrive (psychology, coaching, wellbeing, feelings, conflicts and living together)

Technology (computers, digital life, social networks, habits and ways of life)

Environment (sustainable living, biodiversity, nature, pollution and resources)

More to come, Thanks for checking my work out.

Frits Ahlefeldt – HikingArtist.com