Exploring all the things hiking can be in words, drawings and walks on Hiking.org

Creating a better understanding of all the things walking can be good for

Text and drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt

I’ve used more than 30 years of my life on exploring and studying what hiking can do, what it is and how our reality can be seen as walks along paths, though landscapes, up mountains, at the edges of oceans and along rivers.

Hiking.org is my dream of building a pathway that combine understandings of sustainability, thrive, place-making, storytelling, innovation and a better use of the planets limited resources – all to see if we can somehow use walking  to face the challenges of modern life, in better ways.

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Extreme Weather and hiking

Hiker types on the trails

Through the years I have build up a huge understanding and respect for both hiking and hikers and will be glad to share and participate in projects and ideas around hiking – please contact me here: Contact Contact form: Frits Ahlefeldt