Google Alphabet companies and projects drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt


Ever heard about the company

Drawing and text by Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig ( )

Today everybody try hard to become #1 on Google, except the ones behind  – They call themselves Alphabet and they own Google, Youtube and Android among other things

Google Alphabet companies and projects with names drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Google Alphabet companies and projects

Google is not what it used to be: In late 2015 the owners behind Google created a new parent-company to be the umbrella of their companies and projects, they named it “Alphabet”, and made a little humble hut on the web for it on .

The Google people couldn’t use because that is owned by the German car-maker BMW .  They couldn’t use either – that one is owned by Disney. “Alphabet” is also used by lots and lots of other people, companies and organisations, simply because the alphabet is the letters we all use and one of the most used, oldest and commonly used words. In other words Alphabet is all that Google is not.

The reason behind this move by the Google owners, one of the largest and most powerful / influential companies in the world, is about the only thing explained in a simple statement on the wall inside the little new Alphabet hut, in the words by Google’s co-owner Larry Page:

“Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.”

Alphabet is now the parent company of Google, Android, Youtube, Daydream, Gmail and a huge fleet of self-driving cars, drones, houses that thinks, robots that runs around, biomedical and urbanity research labs, cloud and space projects and a lot of other stuff.

List of some of the important Alphabet companies and projects:

I just made a quick overview of some of the most important Alphabet projects and companies here: (

( including the Search engine, Android, Google maps, Docs, Analytics, addwords images etc.)

Google owns the planet’s most used search engine and a lot of other Google technologies. Things like Android ( the planets most used mobile computing / smart phone operating system, Gmail, Google maps, Docs, images, cloud hosting etc.

Google is also: (helping the world ) and Google Green (becoming co2 neutral),  Google crises response (disaster relief) and Google Education (getting smarter)

Google Capital and Google Ventures

Managing the money for new and existing projects and adventures

Google Daydream and Youtube and Tango

Youtube global video streaming service and now also two huge new projects (Google Daydream – virtual reality) and Google Tango (sensing places technology)  pushing the limits between virtual reality and the rest of what we know, and how we do storytelling

Verily ( )

Project about detecting and preventing diseases using new technologies

Calico (

Project about understanding the dynamics and building blocks of  life and death

Nest (

Smart home technologies and security systems monitoring and watching 24/7

Sidewalk labs ( )

Alphabet’s urban technology innovations, ideas and projects to make new smart cities, connected places and free digital communication between people, computers, cars, buildings, watches etc.

Project Loon and Titan 

Internet provided by ever flying hot air balloons and solar-powered drones

Project Wing 

Drone delivery service of parcels, goods, food, seeds etc.

Google Self driving cars project

Entering the race of creating the technology used in the self-driving cars of tomorrow

Other Alphabet Projects

Beside the projects Alphabet controls and own. Alphabet also has invested in +300 companies and invest continuously in a lot of other new projects and endeavors on a global scale: Here is a list of some of them