Cartoon of a boy with backpack outdoors with a police officer holding him in the arm talking to his parent. Officer says: We found him talking to trees offline" Parent says OMG Offline. Hiking cartoon and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Online anybody can be fairytale figures and super heroes, but off-line the limits are more narrow

Boy that wants to write To Cool for School, but spell: to Gool For Schol

The importance of learning the basics

Drawing of a woman feeding children

School meals, maybe the most efficient way to help children of poor families get an education

illustration of kids painting flowers on earth

Green Education seen as a different kind of learning and creating

drawing of people with roots

Drawing of connected people with roots

drawing of a very big fish that ate a fisherman

Sketch of a big fish

watercolor of kids holding on to a kite

Imagination as holding on to the kite

just an illustration of a little girl, giving water to the plants, so they might become flowers some day

The at home dad's first day, standing at the doorstep, not all confident
A kid being called into the overcrowded school box
Fledgling trying to convince its bird parents to give it a parachute cartoon

Coaching: What they want is not always what they need illustration – bringing up kids cartoon

kid trying to stop parents from splitting up
illustration of a mother with twins