A kid being called into the overcrowded school box
A kid being called into the overcrowded school box

Kids should spent more time outside playing and learning and less time inside the school Box

Today we spend more and more time indoors and our kids use up all their days in more and more crowded schools, learning less and less about how to BE in the outdoors world, how the rain feels, how you can find shelter from the wind, enjoy the shade of a large tree, find food, find trails, find peace and live – instead we put them in front of screens, blackboards and tv’s and somehow hope they will gain the knowledge there, that will make them happy.

Not sure that is the best strategy, not sure at all…

Free drawing to download and use.

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  1. Exactly, one of my favorite quotes is ‘in life our first teachers were our senses, not books’. A man named Kurt Hahn once said ‘ knowledge of the world is to be acquired in the world, not in a closet’.

    Keep up the good work. NF

    ps. Can I use your drawing on my blog?

  2. I couldn’t agree more. What a fantastic drawing to illustrate your point. So often I find myself the only one outdoors with my children! If the weather is a little rainy, or a little cold, we are out there on our own. And I live in a place where it’s cold or rainy half the year! It is so important to take kids outside, and just — let them be. Thank you for sharing your artwork.

    • Thanks – yes great to see how kids can spent hours in the rain, without even noticing.
      Just heard that the average kid spent more than 7 hours in front of screens daily – like the rest of us. Just imagine we used that time outside

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