lecture on communication teory, while student catch up with social media

Catching up on Facebook while learning about communication theory

Drawing of a little girl with a book head with hair as pages


Boy that wants to write To Cool for School, but spell: to Gool For Schol

The importance of learning the basics

Three eyed man reading a newspaper
illustration of kids painting flowers on earth

Green Education seen as a different kind of learning and creating

watercolor of a teacher with a group of kids outdoors

Kids listening and learning, sitting outdoors

journalist and activist views on saving the planet drawing

illustration about how journalists and activists see things from different sides

Illustration of a carrot and a Stick in a set

Drawing of the old reward and punishment system as a gift set

watercolor of kids holding on to a kite

Imagination as holding on to the kite

Drawing of a little man inside his notes
Drawing of four men looking but with no eyes
illustration showing three doors, do anything, do everything, do nothing
Drawing of a lot of small fishes swimming to save the Ocean
Drawing of a Key and a Key hole with a list
Drawing of a man with the loosing strategy
illustration of a man sleeping and reaching out for the alarm clock
Drawing of a man catching a cloud
Drawing of a snail on top of a mountain
Color drawing of a researcher

Woman on a mission – illustration free to use

a cat and a dog in front of two flatscreens looking exited

Free illustration about how dogs and cats communicate on the web, illustration about communication web2.0, free drawing

drawing of experts with suitcases waiting in line
Old dragon thinking about evolution while drinking tea
A kid being called into the overcrowded school box
Drawing of zebras, elephants and other threatened animals going into an ark on laptop

Free Drawing about the digital efforts to save threatened animals and their DNA , drawing about ecology and conservation work

people watching a tiny sprout, waiting...
intellectuals in their book tower illustration