Drawing of a teacher using storytelling techniques to inspire the kids

Teaching to inspire

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Early this morning I headed out with my watercolors, ink and brushes, to a small, far away alternative village school, where the teachers, kids and parents had reserved the whole day to brainstorm and discuss how they can bring engaged teaching, thrive and nature together, building up a new kind of outdoor inspired school

My job was to visualize and record the ideas of the kids, parents and teachers of how to make the best possible school, with much of the education taking place outdoors, here is one of the drawings about engaged teaching…

After i did it I thought maybe there is not a lot of difference from this drawing and the 20.000 years old cave-drawings I have been lucky enough to visit on hiking trails in France, ancient painting of mammoths and rhinos on cave walls.

I think storytelling have been with us for a long time and wonder if teaching through storytelling might still be the most amazing way to bring new understandings and knowledge to life…

Here is a short video from the event: ( in danish )

Drawing of a teacher using storytelling techniques to inspire the kids
engaged teaching in classrooms outdoors

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