Drawing of a cat saying "hello bird" and the bird say "its mr. bird"

Drawing: Facing the challenges

people building pots out of walls

Thoughts on the difference between making defence walls or making sheltered gardens for growth

drawing of two people standing on each side of a word bridge

Sketching up words, will they work as a bridge?

illustration of a speaker trying to monster scare people

Drawings about using inspirational stories instead of fear as a way to inspire and influence people

Man hiding in self-help book

Drawing about Self-help books and comfort zones

illustration innovation

Drawing about a conflict between focus on innovation and focus on stability

Illustration of a carrot and a Stick in a set

Drawing of the old reward and punishment system as a gift set

Storytelling card illustration

Drawing of a guy being chased by hungry envelopes

Drawing of a guy sitting tight on a chair

Drawing of a guy, trying not to move, to stay in control

Drawing of a goldfish, trying to stay in its bowl
The at home dad's first day, standing at the doorstep, not all confident
Drawing of a big fish eating a small boat with business man saying no problem, only challenges
Wealthy guy standing in front of his belongings, in fear