illustration of a speaker trying to monster scare people

Trying to raise fear of global warming to scare people into action is not working – so what is?

Today fear of the future is raising faster than the sea-levels. Maybe it is because the information that could help us change, is spoken in ways that paralyze people instead of inspire them.

illustration of a speaker trying to monster scare people

Trying to scare people into action

Fear will make people run, hide, build walls and jump into their cellars for the next flood.

The alternative is a storytelling that work in  a very different way, through inspiration, and instead of paralyze, make us do things nobody in their wildest fear, thought possible… like letting go of things, sharing stuff,  growing respect instead of wealth. Building windmills instead of defences.

These very different stories, that works through inspiration, are about people making real change, experimenting with new ways of doing things and taking real responsible action,  making local changes with big results.

Inspiration can make us move forward, give trust, respect and help us grow much better relationships.

speech as a flower

Speech as inspiration

So where to find those inspirational stories?

I am still looking, but so far, some of the best stories I have read, has been collected by the Englishman, Rob Hobkins ( and are based on his experiences working with people to create  local and sustainable change, by making people form communities for change, that builds on sustainability, trust, fun, inclusion, music and local relationships.

I recommend reading his book: The transition companion, (link to ) not because it is perfect, but because it explains very well why experimenting and daring getting together, is much more important.

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