If money was water Drawing of people using a water-cash machine to get water
Man lying in coins, covered in money drawing

Is there a logic to how much money anyone will need?

skeleton sitting in money, begging for water

Illustration: Begging for water

Drawing of stack of coins in high stormy sea

Drawing and quote from: Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching. About change

pioneer on digital robot horse

New technology drawing

Two stone-age people standing with one saying You scratch my back, ill scratch yours?

The business relationship

Businessman taking all the fish from the ocean

Drawing about what tend to happen when big business want to feed the fast growing cities

Drawing of a snake selling watches

Open for Business

Businessman throwing money to invest

Are we all nothing but businessmen throwing with money? Illustration

drawing of an water pool in a desert

Looking at the reverse of an island, water relief – in the desert

Drawing of a creature half man half shark

Drawing of a creature half man half shark

two men with hand bags

Two guys meeting up for making an agreement

illustration innovation

Drawing about a conflict between focus on innovation and focus on stability

Storytelling card illustration

Drawing of a guy being chased by hungry envelopes

Drawing of two haircutters cutting each others hair, watercolor and ink

metaphor illustrated about when we in a society lives from cutting each others hair… Drawing by Frits

house without a door
Wealthy guy standing in front of his belongings, in fear