Drawing of a bearded man with two doors as eyes

Drawing of a man

Drawing of an eye with a camera in it

Learning computers to see

Drawing of a girl on a pink elephant

If we can think it…

Drawing of an elephant seen through talking bubbles

Different perspectives on the same reality

Drawing of a head between clouds

Computing Reality

Drawing of a man under a lightning cloud, writing on his laptop

Cloud storytelling in stormy weather drawing

Drawing of a happy, strange creature, waking up

Is the one you wake up with every morning

Joes Joint with the Perfection is not on the menu sign

Joe’s new place

Drawing: Stars discussing and Earth interrupting

When stars talk about energy and resources

Drawing of a strange stranger

Interconnectedness in cotton coat

Drawing about a girl looking up at the stars, with the text, reality is full of holes that is where the light comes in

That is where the light comes in

Drawing of a head with eyes in the back and none in the front

You can look, but only see the past… or can you?

Robot promise, man will never be alone again
Drawing of two players, one called story the other telling, running with a ball

Can sport be seen as real-time, storytelling magic?

man writing once upon a time, with pencils

Putting stories into reality

Green, sprouting money, Watercolor

Three eyed man reading a newspaper
Fish swimming in a tube with test signs over them

You can test for stress, for success and for results but not for all the things that are lost by testing.

man getting hit by a newspaper, in a storm

Sometimes things only get real, when we read about them, mostly not…

illustration of half computer half animal creature. (tiger)

Fusion between a laptop and a tiger drawing

illustration of kids painting flowers on earth

Green Education seen as a different kind of learning and creating

drawing of a man in huge bushes of rhododendrons

Nothing quite like wandering around in huge bushes of Rhododendrons while thinking

Drawing of a fish on a monitor

Digital life

Drawing of a tractor planting words in a meadow

Drawing about verbal understanding

drawing of people with roots

Drawing of connected people with roots

woman plugging her smartphone into a tree

There are apps for several ways of connecting to nature, but is it the same?

How can the difference between a connection and a relationship be seen?

illustration of a pencil connecting the dots
Drawing of a group of tall trees

Tree sketch from a hike through a coastal forest today, and the finished color illustration

Drawing about communication, from looking at the stars, to the TV, to the Apps

Drawing about how we went from mind to apps.

people building pots out of walls

Thoughts on the difference between making defence walls or making sheltered gardens for growth

man with a sign, saying he is taking a five minutes break

Does taking a five minutes break matters in a different way, the strange 23 hours day, where Daylight saving time DST, shrink the logic?

Scientist in earth wheelchair

illustration about an old man looking out in the universe, wondering about it all, and a few other drawings

drawing of a woman asking for a mug

Drawing about when visions and requests isn’t aligned all that well

drawing of a keyhole with people reaching it

drawing of people happy to have found a keyhole, and a way to get to it

Drawing of a man with a bubble as head

Finding the line between imagination, perception, reality and believes

Life lived in a ready for YouTube video way

Crystal ball machine

Sketch of a Techno Crystal ball walk-in thing

Woman at a roulette wheel of life

Life-coach, dices or free choice in the TV reality show Casino

illustration by FritsAhlefeldt.com

Drawing of a lot of streets intermingling

grass cocoons with people in them

drawing of cocoon people in their grass homes

Drawing of a goldfish, trying to stay in its bowl
Drawing of a businessman like creature with a house as head
illustration of a woman drawing up herself
drawing of a man with a lot of birds
wizard in a duel with scientist, illustration
illustration of a man sleeping and reaching out for the alarm clock
house without a door
drawing of a big mean fish, that just ate the fisherman
drawing of a caveman wondering under a tree