Drawing of a man sitting on top of a thick book with the title "knowhere" and a woman with backpack climbing the edge where the title is "knowedge". Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

Drawing up two different ways to understand on top of a book

illustration of people walking under a sign that writes "home as trail" Drawing by

Walking along home instead of to it

Woman busy on her phone dragging a kid. Snapshot as they pass by a narrow alley with Earth in there somewhere

Two competing theories battle today: One saying new tech will save our planet, while the other theory, says… “sorry, I was on the phone, did you mention a planet? “

Drawing of a head between clouds

Computing Reality

Drawing of a happy, strange creature, waking up

Is the one you wake up with every morning

Drawing: Stars discussing and Earth interrupting

When stars talk about energy and resources

Drawing of a head with eyes in the back and none in the front

You can look, but only see the past… or can you?

Robot promise, man will never be alone again
illustration of half computer half animal creature. (tiger)

Fusion between a laptop and a tiger drawing

drawing of a man in huge bushes of rhododendrons

Nothing quite like wandering around in huge bushes of Rhododendrons while thinking

Drawing of a tractor planting words in a meadow

Drawing about verbal understanding

drawing of people with roots

Drawing of connected people with roots

Drawing of a group of tall trees

Tree sketch from a hike through a coastal forest today, and the finished color illustration

Drawing of a man with a bubble as head

Finding the line between imagination, perception, reality and believes

Man in a barrel heading out over a waterfall

Life lived in a ready for YouTube video way

Crystal ball machine

Sketch of a Techno Crystal ball walk-in thing

Drawing of a goldfish, trying to stay in its bowl
illustration of a man sleeping and reaching out for the alarm clock