Computer man develop computer with self-awareness, god start says wife cartoon

What will happen if man develop a computer that is self-aware?

Crystal ball machine

Sketch of a Techno Crystal ball walk-in thing

Drawing of a man walking between two computers with screens
drawing of an native American sending a smoke signal
electric car dragging a windmill
house without a door
Drawing of a man catching a cloud
Drawing about the old fairy tale about Hansel and Gretel
big ship heading out over waterfall, ignoring the warnings
a cat and a dog in front of two flatscreens looking exited

Free illustration about how dogs and cats communicate on the web, illustration about communication web2.0, free drawing

Drawing of zebras, elephants and other threatened animals going into an ark on laptop

Drawing about the digital efforts to save threatened animals and their DNA

unlucky guy that forgot his password to sleep
man sitting in front of his large tv flatscreen, trying to make a cosy babecue

Free illustration of world changing events, involving an apple, from Adam over Newton to Steve Jobs

Tree with electricity outlets drawing