Some people change the world so everything become different…

And somehow apples have been an important role in several occasions…

Today sent chock waves through the web when it became known that Apple’s founder: Steve Jobs has passed away.

Steve Jobs have had the most amazing influence on the way we  use digital technology, the way we interact with and understand, connect and use this all new dimension… and that means on the way our global connected society live and understand the world today…  I’ve seen people compare his influence to Isaac Newton

Apples through history, Adam, Newton and Steve Jobs

World changing events involving apples

According to Joseph Campbell (great American mythologist, the hero’s journey) The Classic adventure/innovation/change starts with a departure from the known, then reality changing insights that give new and unseen possibilities, and then the design and implementation of these new possibilities… that change the world.

Strange how apples have become an important part of this.

I did the drawing in a couple of versions – and details – also free download:

Apple's first logo

Apple's first logo

Found out that Apple’s first logo looked like this

Frits Ahlefeldt –

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  1. Did you come up with this idea? It’s great! And even if not, your cartoons are beautiful. Very well drawn. I tried to look closely at the little penguins in the Global Warming cartoon — are they computer generated? Or did you really draw all of those little guys?

    I’ve been drawing cartoons all my life — but they’re really not much. Mostly happy faces with little arms. I think your style and colorization are great. What do you color with?

    • Hi Melissa
      Just updated the post with Apple’s first logo, so the idea is very much Apple’s, I merely drew it up. Glad you like my work – The penguins is handmade and can’t help thinking standing like that was all their own idea ;-),
      It’s all brushes and ink, took me ages, but was fun, colored with watercolors and scanned, like – I think all my drawings here. (I very seldom draw digital on tablets etc. ) Great you like them.
      Here is a link to them:

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