Bornholm Watercolors

Watercolors from my hikes to a small island in the Baltic Sea

Nexo, rain, Bornholm, Denmark. Watercolor

Nexo, rain, Bornholm, Denmark. Watercolor

Far out in the middle of the Baltic Sea, between Russia, Poland, Germany, Denmark Sweden and Lithuania lies a small brick-formed island called Bornholm.

Bornholm is more than a billion years old and are slightly tilted South, so its Northern old granite rocks rises more than a 100 meters  meters above the Baltic sea, while the sandy beaches of the south coast, continues out on shallow water.

There is a 120 km. long coast trail around Bornholm and it is one of my favorite places for hiking in Denmark. I go over there alone, with my watercolor gear and my backpack and paint places along the trail.

Here are some of my countless research-sketches, watercolors and drawings from those hikes