pencil sketches of ideas


Frits Ahlefeldt: Creative freelance and project work

I work as an expert and freelancer on many different projects to help both people, nature and the planet thrive – you can hire me for a day or a project. 

pencil sketches of ideas

Sketching up ideas the classic way

For the last +20 years I have specialized and worked like crazy to find and visualize new solutions by exploring and sketching up new, bold and sustainable ideas, designs and understandings fast – alone or in dialogue with few or many. And often I work live, both with words, drawings, designs, ideas and walks.

Examples of jobs:

I have researched and drawn trails to recovery, thrive, sustainability, smart cities, healing gardens, social care, hiking trails, alternative energy sources, national parks, and also sketched up new understandings on how to better deal with fear, depression, climate change, traffic jams, stress, pollution, city sprawl, technology, endangered species and threats to biodiversity.

I have worked for a lot of people sketching up new great ideas – or challenges, made drawings, communication-designs, coaching cards, strategies and solutions for sustainable living, small farms, homes, restaurants, gardens, community dwelling and for  green entrepreneurs and for local recovery and environmental organisations in both Europe, America, Africa and Asia. And also had a chance to work with a few global companies and organisations to promote thrive and sustainability on a very large scale

Drawing of experts alone on an island, discussion reality and climate change

Sketching up understandings and ways to communicate them better ( here climate change)

My background:

With an education both in architecture (10 years Royal Art Academy) and in digital communication (6 years University) combined with follow up studies in strategy, psychology, sociology, urban planning etc. ever since, I use both my design and  my communication background to better visualize and combine ideas and solutions.

Drawing styles

I use words, but mostly I use visual storytelling, graphic recording and drawn journalism to tell stories. And I have been trained in different ways of storytelling and drawing but mostly use my skills from design, journalism and from my around 10 years as an illustrator for many different newspapers and magazines

round green house with retractable roof

Drawing is a craft creativity depends on

Here is a few more examples of my drawings for different projects:

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