Illustration of a hiker changing thoughts while hiking. Hiking cartoon and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Walking helps our ability to think in ways we still do better experience, than sit and think about…

Cartoon: Hiker with phone saying "This map is not correct" Phone answer "It is you that is not correct" Hiking cartoon and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Sharing reality with a phone is not what it used to be

Drawing of a huge self driving automatic, intelligent farming machine asking small traditional tractor "breakfast?" Illustration by Frits ahlefeldt

Farming machines today comes in a new scale and with added artificial intelligence – Maybe even with new kind of needs?

Drawing of a man sitting on top of a thick book with the title "knowhere" and a woman with backpack climbing the edge where the title is "knowedge". Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

Drawing up two different ways to understand on top of a book

Drawing of a road mad of circles

Drawing: Taking life one jump at a time

Drawing of a snake in a shop with watches

Drawing: The watchmaker in Paradise

Businessman throwing money to invest

Are we all nothing but businessmen throwing with money? Illustration

woman plugging her smartphone into a tree

There are apps for several ways of connecting to nature, but is it the same?

Biofuel car and hungry people watching it being fed

illustration on the problems with biofuel and cars

Might evolution prove the reluctant fish one day

Were the old days better?

illustration of a pencil connecting the dots
drawing of an big urban wave

Drawing of the development from roaming in nature to living in the urban sprawl

drawing of a keyhole with people reaching it

drawing of people happy to have found a keyhole, and a way to get to it

Drawing of a landscape with a highway and some stepping stones islands

Sketching up strategies between the safe road forward and jumping of in unknown directions

drawing of an native American sending a smoke signal
wizard in a duel with scientist, illustration
Drawing of a big fish eating a small boat with business man saying no problem, only challenges
illustration of a worm with two heads, that ask the other head if its for or against us
illustration showing three doors, do anything, do everything, do nothing
electric car dragging a windmill