Biofuel car and hungry people watching it being fed
June 24, 2013

Biofuel and cars

Will Biofuel make the world a better place?

Biofuel has been seen as a solution for the lack of oil, but there are many problems of feeding cars with what could have been food

Biofuel car and hungry people watching it being fed

Biofuel car and the hungry

To grow biofuel takes huge amounts of water, pesticides and fertilizers –  and even worse; It now appears that areas that could have been put to better use as nature reserves, or been used to feed hungry people are now used to feed more and more cars,  so we can drive still longer between our jobs and houses, while we waste more and more time in them and at the same time plaster still larger areas into highways, while people starve and loved ones wait for those who can afford cars, to finally get out of the traffic jams, out of the cars… and home.

Less cars, smarter cities and better use of technology, our landscapes and food sounds to me like a much better way to go


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