Watercolour of a stranded boat

Coastal trail sketch

Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt, of a Hiking.org sign,
People in silos looking out

Thoughts on Public vs private space and trails

Jean Beliveau, long distance hiker walking around the world

Research link to Canadian Long distance hiker who walked 75.000km. around the world, before getting back to his family

illustration of a man hiking under trees with a lot of leaves

Illustration of green trees in front of the Sea

drawing of poster girl trying to make people buy more...

Walking past yet another highway poster asking me to buy more…

drawing of a man in huge bushes of rhododendrons

Nothing quite like wandering around in huge bushes of Rhododendrons while thinking

Watercolor of beach stones

Stones on a windy day walking along the beach

Drawing of a city with green grass arrows on the sidewalk

Drawing of a city with green grass arrows on the sidewalk, that lead out to nature

Watercolor of beach and sea, Denmark

A few watercolors from a hike along the Northcoast trail in Denmark

Drawing about a different kind of leadership among some hunter-gatherer societies

drawing of a man with a lot of birds

Left yesterday on a three days solo hike here in Denmark. Great weather so far. Plan to upload my sketches along the hike.