Nature says Yes

Ever wondered if Nature can “hear” us?

Organic Dwelling

Green round house with retractable roof

Owl Watercolor, front view

Animal watercolor study

Nomadic Forest Farm

A wandering Organic farm in the forest

When people get together

The Whole Community

When cars get together

The Hole Community

The Creative Cloud

Cloud storytelling in stormy weather drawing

Bird day drawing

There’ll be days like this…

When the River run dry

Old farmer sitting at a dried out riverbed

Urban gardening drawing

Be the change you want to see in your neighborhood drawing

World Wide Web illustration

When the world went digital because of an idea

The Newspaper Monument

Monument for a dying art form

Sharing the planet

The animals do their best, do we?

The Global Hut Drawings

Two Drawings of The Planet Earth Hut

Sharing Free Music from the Song Tree

How do musicians get paid, when money-people extract the profit?

Walk in Copenhagen with my Watercolor sketchpad

Four sketches of people from the streets

Sea turtles Watercolors

Three Sea turtle watercolor sketches to the Public Domain

The Strangest Creature

Is the one you wake up with every morning

floating on the same river twice

Everything changes and nothing stands still
(Heraclitus 535 BC-475 BC )

Fitting in

Man Of the Woods

Perfection is not on the Menu

Joe’s new place

Storytelling as Medicine

The Magic of Stories

Healing Storytelling

Best Hospitals use it

Stepping lightly Drawing

Ink and Watercolor illustration

The Web Generation wants it all

Illustration, the digital consumer

Technology can’t give you a hug

There is not an app for everything

The Butterfly man

Street sketch

Hiking in spring

Illustration of green trees in front of the Sea

Sketching at the North Coast trail

Note from my North Coast trail project

Storm trees – walking note

Walking the North Coast Trail, Denmark

Lone Penguin

Out on open Sea

Tons of time

Time as something you can put in a truck

Penguin on an iceberg

One of those days

Business as usual

The business relationship

Steamroller Globalization

The trouble of industrialisation

The lobbyist illustration

Lunch in the big city

Talking without words

Watercolor portrait sketch

Woman with shopping cart

All she got

Link: 3 min. video Guy being good

Compassion makes us so much more

Shadows in a closed Copenhagen

Crowd seeking shelter from the rain, Copenhagen watercolor

Man seeing through worried eyes

Watercolor sketch of a man

Too Cool For School?

The importance of learning the basics

Energy matters at the High Table

When stars talk about energy and resources

The strange stranger

Interconnectedness in cotton coat

Reality is full of holes

That is where the light comes in

yin yang pond watercolor

Water and green plants watercolor sketch

Looking back

You can look, but only see the past… or can you?

Cold Hand of Technology

The Promise

Dog bites man ecology

Urban life

The trouble when big business go fishing

Drawing about what tend to happen when big business want to feed the fast growing cities