Stranded boat watercolor

Coastal trail sketch

Old Chalk pit watercolor

Old mine turned into nature reserve

Introducing, my new pro hiking site

I’m jumping for Hiking

Thought experiment

Drawing: Love, affection and cognition, thinking together

Silo thinking versus Trail thinking

Thoughts on Public vs private space and trails

Logbook walking Coast Trail Denmark

Day 1, 25km./15 miles: Copenhagen Main Square to thoughts and sketches about the Camino de Santiago

Salamander watercolor sketch

Fast sketch of a Salamander for a hiking story

Eating in Clouds


Invoice monster

Never run, they are much faster than us…

Standing up to fear

Drawing: Facing the challenges

Free Beer vs Free Speech

Drawing: sketching around the difference meanings of “free”

Watercolor portraits from the streets

Expression of watercolors without sketching first

Street sketches of people in color and ink

More impressions of people passing by

Street sketches in ink

Walks with my brushes

Fish in doubt

Sometimes it is better just to move on

Academic Fact Fight

Hard hitting science as entertainment

The old Stargazer

Drawing: Astronomer on an small island

Climate Change and Monster rain

Citizens to stop extreme weather

Sketch of a blue network with trees

Drawing: green network with blue middle

Imagination and pink elephants

If we can think it…

Green Highrise architecture

Drawing: Sketching up Seaweed buildings

Overcoming cultural differences with the freaks

Open dialogue can bring us closer

Hippie minute with feathers

Drawing: Business and creativity

Twitter from a whale

Jonas in the Whale, understanding, time and media

Consumer City

Drawing: Living in a shopping trolley

Tree in the wind

Drawing: Shaped by Nature

All about the Money

Is there a logic to how much money anyone will need?

Mars, disruptions and Habermas

Drawing: Academics from afar

The Master Chef

Drawing: Food and the success of taste

Crocodile mom

Drawing: snack

Green heart

Drawing: Nature heart

Sketching up green corridors for wildlife and hikers

When nature is gone, corridors can connect the last standing islands for a better future

The elephant room

Drawing: Space made of the things we don’t talk about

Blind men talking about elephant

Different perspectives on the same reality

Is Earth’s largest social network green?

Drawing: A living network of connected trees

Back home to color

Drawing: Home to color up

Duck with ducklings crossing road video

Video Link: Showing how difficult it is for a duck with ducklings to cross a freeway

Kangaroo road

Drawing: Taking life one jump at a time

Tree City Drawing

Drawing: The Green, sustainable city taken a step further

The Jury

Drawing: Committee Decision time

Water is everything

Illustration: Begging for water

Only Change is Real

Drawing and quote from: Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching. About change

Cars, traffic and Cities

Drawing: Traffic feeding on its own logic, squeezing life out of city centers

Work as medicine

Drawing: work, medicine… or not… trails to recovery illustration

Repeating myself

Black and white drawing: Repeating faces

Early Entrepreneurship and time

Drawing: The watchmaker in Paradise

Time is somewhere else today

Drawing: Drifting around with a seagull

Living far North

Watercolor sketch that came out very different

Grandad´s gone surfing

Small story experiment: The old surfer, apps and technology

Recovery and hospital gardens

Can nature and walks help people get better? What a Watercolor job about an old hospital garden taught me